Marcus "B" Langley

Age: 17

Birthdate: January 17

Height: 5'7"

Eyes: Light brown

Activities: Watching TV, trying to kill himself, trying to avoid Isabelle and Tobias, solving mysteries around his house, reading, recreational basketball

And...?: B lives two doors down from Isabelle, and has therefore been forced to make forts and go on vacation with her since they were wee little laddies and lasses. They are bestest friends, and even though B is a cynical jerk most of the time, he and Isabelle look out for each other. B's the only one who can put up with Bella's bitchiness, and vice versa.

Tobias Hunter

Age: 17

Birthdate: June 23

Eyes: Blue/Green (they change depending on what he's wearing, apparently this is a form of "hazel" eyes)

Activites: People watching, eating pancakes, watching comedy TV and cop shows, any physical activity

And...?: Tobias transferred in from a different high school this year. He met B at the mall, and "saved" his life... sort of... He also stole B's shoe. Technically he asked for it, though. Tobias is a slave of fashion so he buys all the latest trends... the problem is he has ZERO fashion sense, so he always looks stupid. He loves bright colors. He hates Isabelle with a passion.

Isabelle Stanton

Age: 17

Birthdate: October 18

Height: 4'10"

Activities: Shopping, shopping, shopping, watching soaps, raiding bakeries, shopping, drinking tea, enjoying art and culture, shopping

And...?: Isabelle is short and sassy! She tries to protect B, as they are biffles and he's not entirely safe to leave alone, but she also doesn't put up with his shenanigans and drags him around all the time. She might have been sweet when she was a kiddie, but B doesn't talk about it. She hates Tobias and would beat him up if she didn't consider herself so much of a lady (although sometimes she throws rocks at him at lunch when he's not looking.) She loves Rococo fashion and shopping and enjoying the finer things in life. Her ultimate goal is to marry a rich, handsome doctor.

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