Technical Questions

Q What program do you use?
A: I work in Photoshop CS3 with a Wacom tablet.
Q Do you draw straight in Photoshop, or do you work traditionally and scan it in?
A: I draw straight in Photoshop, although I might change that for the next chapters. Right now, though, everything on the pages you see is created in Photoshop.
Q Do you choose the colors beforehand, or do you put a filter over the page?
A: I choose the main color before I do the page and work darkest to lightest. No filters are used-- every color is the one I choose.
Q How long does one page take?
A: TOO LONG CRYYYY. I’m not sure, but usually three or four hours at least.

Character Questions

Everything you’ll need to know about them is on the character page!

Q Is B gonna wear that stupid shirt every day?
A: Well, he was gonna wear the noose every day and I nixed that, so we’ll see.
Q Where are these kids’ parents?
A: Around.
Q How close do Tobias and B live to each other? B and Isabelle? How did Tobias know where B lived, that sneaky sneak?
A: B and Isabelle live on the same street. Tobias lives across town on the other side of the high school. He followed Isabelle to B’s house and as she ran home to call him, Tobias snuck in his bedroom window.
Q What is Tobias’s GPA?
A: 2.8
Q How often does Isabelle go shopping?
A: Like, all the time. She tries to window shop every day. She usually ends up buying something once or twice a week.
Q Are any of these characters gay?
A: Much like Bunkun, I think gay jokes and scenarios are hilarious, so there will probably be a few in here. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait and see how the SHOUJO SPARKLES FALL~*~*~*
Q Will ____ go to the prom with me?
A: Welllll, I know some webartists who will be miiiighty jealous if you take their favorite boyfriends away…

Silly Questions

Q How often is a gay baby born?
A: Every time anyone comments on this comic, This Is Not Fiction, or Language of Flowers, a gay baby is born.
Q Why are you copying [insert popular webcomic name here]?!!?!?! YOU SUCK!
A: I am very good friends with several other webcomic artists on smackjeeves, and we have very similar senses of humor. Sometimes, we overlap jokes without realizing it! Please don’t imply that I’m copying anyone! This comic is original through and through! Do you think gay boys are hot and cheesy 80’s movie romance is hilarious? SO DO A LOT OF YOUR FAVORITE WEBARTISTS!!!
Q Why are you so awesome? (I’ve actually gotten this question several times for some reason?)
A: It may be due to the fact that my mother went to college to be Indiana Jones and my father sometimes works for NASA.
Q Why are you so gay? (I’ve gotten this question, too.)
A: It’s Edifonso’s fault.

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